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KMS welding and fabrication division is a Canadian Welding Bureau Registered Company and certified in steel, stainless & aluminum. With our skilled trades people, KMS provides a wide range of welding and fabrication services. Our trained welding operators have experience in a variety of applications such as Pressure Piping, Pressure Vessel Repairs, Custom Fabrication, and minor repairs. KMS provides carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel welding and fabrication. No matter what size the project, our commitment is to provide the highest quality services, coupled with impeccable safety standards and an unparalleled commitment to our client’s satisfaction. Our full service fabrication and welding shop can handle any fabrication or repair job required. We also have portable units ready to go to your site to take care of all your welding requirements. Our dedicated and well trained trades people help ensure quality and expert service, as well as upholding our stringent quality control management system.

Machining Services – Various Mills, Lathes & Off-site Line Boring

KMS Industries have highly trained and professional trades people who are up to date with all of our certifications. KMS take great pride in our workmanship whether building, repairing, refitting or converting a boat. We offer portable line boring for easy concentric bore repair of holes on backhoes, dozers, end loaders, scrapper hitches, tractors, excavators and machine frames. We can build up and machine out pin bosses on-site and eliminate the expense of hauling machinery. KMS offers boring and welding diameters from 1.5-10" and 14" cutting tool travel on-line bore surfaces up to 7 feet apart. Our dedicated and well trained trades people pride themselves on having the ability to respond quickly, efficiently and cost effectively to renew your pivot points on your machinery.  We know you’ll see that pride in our workmanship!

Certified to carry out Pressure Piping Fabrication & Repairs

Pressure piping can be a vital part of many systems like heating or coolant. KMS Industries specializes in the construction of process piping to our customers requirements. All fabricated piping is hydro tested to our customers design requirements. In order to make adjustments, or any welding repairs, you need to know the precise composition of the metals. Material testing can be arranged to ensure that the proper procedures are used for repairs. Every project is unique and sometimes requires custom fabrication, KMS Industries often has the needed material at hand, if not KMS will find and track it so our customers can get the required product they need. We can arrange sand blasting, painting or any coating required. KMS customers are in good hands, as we have been certified by the Province of Nova Scotia to perform regulated work on pressure retaining items, and hold a Boiler and Pressure Equipment Contractor License, number 681.

Mechanical, Hydraulic & HVAC Repairs (Fan units in general)

You can rely on KMS Industries for Mechanical & Hydraulics repairs for all your light and heavy servicing, general repairs, hydraulic installation and maintenance needs. At KMS we provide on-site servicing and repairs, as well as breakdown and after hours mechanical and hydraulics services.

Fabrication of compression, extension, and torsion springs

Upon receipt of a sample or print, the specs are reviewed to ensure a good design and all required tolerances are listed for manufacturing. Send us any requirements, we can fabricate springs of any size. Once coiled, the loops of torsion springs are formed or the ends of compression springs are ground.

Metal Fabrication – 12 foot, Press Brake & Shear

Our accomplished trades people guarantee precision and versatility. Our press brake enables us to do press brake forming on metal up to 12’ long. Our in-house machine shop enables us to produce a variety of shapes for your metal fabrication projects. With our years of experience and our quick turnaround, KMS Industries can save you time and money. Materials that are commonly sheared include: aluminum, mild steel and stainless steel. Our 12 foot shear can perform most of your metal fabrication needs. Our custom metal shearing will provide you with a quality product at a reasonable price.

Cutting Services – 8 x 20 CNC premium HD plasma cutting table​

KMS metal fabrication facility offers metal cutting services. We manufacture industrial components, metal parts, and we love to work on unique projects. Our cutter system allows multiple processes including cutting, etching and can cut intricate shapes quickly, enabling custom fabrication of all steel components. Our CNC cutting machine produces smooth edges and the etching provides branding right at the time of manufacture without requiring an additional stamping process. A trained and certified team always delivers the project to our clients specifications and will assist in material sourcing, quality control, and delivery. We provide metal cutting services to all industries and our machine is designed to enable both high-volume and low-level production.

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